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Automotive & Industrial+

Automotive and industrial environments often require powerful cleaning methods to remove tough contaminants from various surfaces without damaging their original coatings. Dry ice cleaning is a highly effective and non-abrasive blasting technique that utilizes air and dry ice pellets to clean and restore a wide range of surfaces. This innovative process involves supercooling the surface to an extreme temperature of -109 degrees, which effectively loosens contaminants. Then, the dry ice pellets, propelled by kinetic energy, rapidly and thoroughly remove dirt, grime, and other unwanted materials, all without harming the surface.

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What is Dry Ice Blasting

Dry ice blasting is a cleaning method that uses compressed air and solid CO2 pellets to clean and remove contaminants from a variety of surfaces. Unlike other cleaning methods, dry ice blasting is non-abrasive and does not produce secondary waste, making it a more environmentally friendly choice. Dry ice blasting is effective for cleaning a variety of surfaces, including automotive, industrial, and historical building restoration.

  • Auto Underbody Restoration

    We do auction preps and full deep cleaning on vehicle undercarriage, and we also do engine bays, engine and transmission and other parts.

  • Industrial Cleaning

    We do contract cleaning for printing equipment, nuclear power plant equipment, Industrial Tanks, Asphalt Trucks, and many more.

  • Mold And Fire Remidiation

    We can do fire and soot damage remediation, water damage restoration, Mold removal and many more.

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