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Automotive and industrial environments often require powerful cleaning methods to remove tough contaminants from various surfaces without damaging their original coatings. Dry ice cleaning is a highly effective and non-abrasive blasting technique that utilizes air and dry ice pellets to clean and restore a wide range of surfaces.

This innovative process involves supercooling the surface to an extreme temperature of -109 degrees, which effectively loosens contaminants. Then, the dry ice pellets, propelled by kinetic energy, rapidly and thoroughly remove dirt, grime, and other unwanted materials, all without harming the surface.

The versatility of dry ice cleaning makes it ideal for a variety of applications, including undercarriage restoration, adhesive and soot removal, fire damage remediation, surface rust and stain removal, asphalt cleaning, parts cleaning, surface preparation, plaster and paint removal, as well as building and historical restoration.

With its exceptional cleaning power and non-destructive approach, dry ice cleaning is a cost-effective and efficient solution for many automotive and industrial cleaning needs.